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Disability and chronic illness advocate


Having lived with an invisible chronic illness since I was young, opening up the conversation around disability and chronic illness has become an important part of my portfolio. By sharing parts of my own experience to my community of over 16k followers, I have not only created a educational platform but created a safe space for others to do the same. In the face of a wealth of health misinformation online, providing evidence based content is incredibly important to me, which I deliver through social content and events (three sell-out supper clubs to date). I am extremely passionate about providing a platform for other people's chronic illness experiences and have recently co-founded a new gut health and IBD space called 'Bad Gut Club', which focuses on sharing stories from all facets of the IBD community.  I have appeared on national media multiple times talking about chronic illness, disability and ableism. 

I am a keynote speaker and have spoken at a number of medical conferences and leadership courses, sharing my experiences and advocating for patient-led care.

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